The guardians of war break ranks


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Warkeepers is a multiplayer third-person shooter set in a world divided by war. In this world, the major powers have taken sides, causing a new kind of Cold War that's beginning to heat up.

The gameplay is from a third-person perspective where you can move your character and shoot in more or less open scenarios. You'll have a huge arsenal of weapons at your disposal and lots of different items that provide various bonuses. In fact, there are about 5,000 different objects with unique characteristics.

You can play in two different modes. In the first, you fight cooperatively with other players, trying to get past hundreds of enemies controlled by the computer. In the second, you fight other players who belong to the enemy camp.

Visually speaking, Warkeepers is an excellent game with very good character designs and great modeling. Some scenarios are especially detailed, and the constant gunfire and explosions are a plus that make the game even more spectacular.

Warkeepers is a huge multiplayer action game that not only has some 10 different maps but also more than 20 characters from 10 countries. Add to that the different game modes, and you've got hours and hours of fun.
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